Priming the toolbox.

25 Aug

Where should I start? Is it going to be interesting for my potential readers? Why can’t I just put myself to work and write away?

I’ve had these thoughts for such a long time that eventually, I found myself unable to write anything, not even to structure and consolidate all the bits and pieces of inspiration that usually cross my mind, hence my newfound resolution to set up this blog. This will at least give me some playground to put my ideas and organize them in some way or another.

Furthermore, this blog represents quite a daunting stylistic exercise as English is not my native language, and it will be a chance to push my limits with what I can do in term of grammatical correctness and lexical richness.

To be clear, I, with this blog, have no pretension to teach anybody, only to educate myself in being creative and find some purpose to all this. My ideas and inspiration won’t be mind-blowing, but at least, they’ll leave my head for a more dangerous place in order to be twisted, played with and shaped up.  This all means that by going public, I’m not setting myself as an example, but I am only trying to clear a path into my own imagination.

Therefore, I really hope that you, my potential readers, will at least find some interest in following my trials and that you’ll be entertained a little.

Now let’s start by laying out some of the ideas I deemed interesting to develop as a fictional world.

The premises of the setting would be a fleet of world-ships that scattered centuries ago and that rendezvoused a couple of years ago. Each ship has evolved into her own world and developed her own culture. However, they all share the same goal: reaching the planet that will welcome them all and end this long journey.

However, these encounters after such a long time don’t go easily and clashes logically ensue. A main character would travel and explore each civilization looking for something, like an object, a culprit, a revelation or perhaps just herself / himself.

I have no precise idea of what the plot could be, but there are some features that I would really love to see being developed, like the shaping and organization of different communities. I’d also like to focus on faith, or absence of, on taboos and rituals but also what constitutes social virtue and personal values.

Well, how and where will I start?

Being a RPGer for now 25 years, I’ve regularly dabbled into setting and plot creation to a certain extent but recently some game books published by independent companies have brought a whole new dimension to world, history and character crafting. So why not using them outside the framework of a tabletop roleplaying game session to help me with my little project?

Here is a very short list of the books I may well use to lay the first bricks of my world:

  • Diaspora by Brad Murray and C.W. Marshall

I’m particularly interested in using the section of this game that deals with star cluster creation, their levels of technology, resource and environment but also the relations among them are both really well-thought and quite simple to determine.

  • Fate Core by Leonard Balsera, Brian Engard, Ryan Macklin and Mike Olson

I will definitely have to find a way to create characters who matter, protagonists & antagonists with their own personal narratives and the aspect-based feature of this game is in my humble opinion a very good approach to giving a first draft to who will appear in my story.

This game can also be a very good tool for creating cultural and personal beliefs while, at the same time, giving the means to challenge them.

Here, we’re looking at the big picture, History itself, what events shaped the world, and this is whole point of this game. I think this tool will help me shape some historical background to my storyline.

One of my objectives being to imagine different civilizations that coexist, this game will give me some elements to start to shape up some governments and political structures.

With these tools, and others that I’ll surely discover along my creative journey, with other readings, but also thanks to this blog, I’ve now put my hand into the clay with the hope to learn how to tell stories that entertain people and that are also meaningful to me.

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